Documentary Conclusions & more on progress!

Was supposed to publish this last week, but didn’t get a chance to… but here it is!:

I was putting together my video and had a general structure in place, before I realised that the conclusion is just as important as the introduction. I was sure that I should wrap up the whole story with something along the lines of “visions and hopes for the future” which, I thought, was the best and more surefire way of ending any story. But in tute, Jenny raised a very valid point that because the fight is still ongoing, it would be more appropriate to leave it hanging. And so there went my idea of an ideal conclusion, and in came the hard part of thinking of a good ‘hanging’ conclusion.

It was difficult for me because I was thinking about just how to leave it hanging. There can be so many ways to end it with an open conclusion, and there were a few good lines from Bek (from SLAM) and Bruce (from the Tote), which were basically their own hanging conclusions about the whole situation. I’ve been going through their interviews sooo many times now that I can remember roughly what they said at which minute of the video … and editing has been crazy!

There’s been a lot of problems with Final Cut … I guess the main problem was that I sped through the basics and was sure I  knew how to use it – which I did, except when it came to all the formatting. I was quite pissed that my Sony Camcorder recorded my videos in .mpg, and even more pissed that Mac applications don’t agree with them. Even after converting my videos to .mov (for apple/quicktime) I encountered problems in rendering and getting the sound right. I guess we didn’t realize it’d be an issue – and well, neither did I – but if only I’d learned Final Cut earlier on it would’ve been so good. But for now, Windows Movie Maker has been doing wonders… I’m doing it the long way by extracting the audio off it so I can overlay images on top of it instead of just having a talking head for the whole documentary… and it’s really tiring but I’m getting there…

I was really excited to start with postproduction at first… but when it finally came down to the work I literally had my moods dragged down by all the fails and successes. Even WMM was giving me problems by suddenly shutting down each time I added videos to the timeline. Thank Google I found the solution to the problem… boy, do I love YouTube tutorials and computer geek forums :P

But regardless, the basic structure of my documentary is done, and now all there’s left to do is to choose the perfect ‘line’ for my conclusion and refine the whole video aesthetically, as well as make a new blog and edit all my info there… For now, the video is turning out to be just okay, mostly because of the time constraints … keeping all the info down to less than 10 minutes is really, really difficult! I think one of the problems was that my interviewees would keep talking and expanding their views… and in terms of editing it’s easy to pick out what you want to include or exclude, but difficult to cut that into pieces and make everything seem seamless.

Anyway, it’s now back to editing! All the best with everyone’s documentaries :D


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