My argument


—-Community – introduce the independent music community which formed SLAM
—-Issue – introduction to the LLV laws (from Bek – SLAM/Music Victoria rep) and its consequences on music venues (from Bruce Milne, previous owner of the Tote)

—-Exploration – more info on LLV laws & how it became the catalyst for forming SLAM (Bek)
—-Story – importance of music venues for independent musicians (Lionel Kho, music organiser; Kevin Teh, independent musician)
—-Conflict – negative consequences on music venues & reasons as to why law is unreasonable or doesn’t take into consideration music venues & its importance, e.g. the Tote (Bek, Bruce)
—-Characters/Interview – some info on Tote rally (Bruce), the SLAM rally (Bek, Bruce, Kevin) & community (Kevin, Bruce, other musicians + SLAM protesters), footage from SLAM rally (showing protesters, speech)
—-Places/Description – the Tote (Bruce, pictures), and other music venues (Bek)

—-Assessment – …has really brought the music community together to ‘defend’ their culture and ‘survival’ (Kevin, Bruce)
—-Future – the petition being handed in recently, recent successful reviews/assessments for some music venues, hopes for further amendments in law for music venues (Bek)

overall structure: the new liquor licensing laws (what they are), its consequences on music venues in Melbourne (how it’s affecting them, why they are important), how it has brought the music community together for one cause


sympathetic, and so far my interviewee’s answers are contributing well towards this tone.


I’ll be letting my interviewees / characters speak for themselves, from their point of view, instead of directly asking them questions to answer, so they have been free to talk about issues based on what I’ve asked them to talk about e.g. the laws, the consequences, the rally, the community, etc. With all my interviewees so far, I feel like they have effectively conveyed their feelings and thoughts that will lead towards the audience feeling sympathetic towards the community and issue at hand. I will not be interviewing anyone who doesn’t hold the same opinion (i.e. noone from e.g. LLV).


I will be taking snippets of speech from my interviewees’ responses, and putting them into different parts of the documentary based on where it fits in with the structure.


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