Yesterday’s lecture by Dean was really interesting. He was talking about mediated memories… of memory, remembrance, and memorial, and before that I hadn’t realized that our online photos are, in a way, our digital shoeboxes being published for the world to see. Creepy, if you think about it, because some things can be quite private and you don’t realize the extent to which things are public until some random stranger or acquaintance you haven’t talked to in a million years suddenly knows where you went for your summer holidays, and who you went with, and what you did etc…. happened to me before, hence, I know… haha.

Anyway, the lecture led me to thinking about my documentary and how I can insert some references to memory into it. In the case of the Tote, especially, it can be useful. (I’ll probably just put a short slideshow or something….) Since its closing down in February, the Tote’s exterior has been covered with letters and graffiti, almost as if in remembrance or as a tribute to its past. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves (or click here for full-sized images):

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The Tote has become a site for its own memorial… and as I was busy taking pictures of it, a lady walked past and asked me “Is this place going to reopen anytime soon?” “I hope so” “I hope so, too”

The Tote’s online presence so far also has this sense of memorial and remembrance… the Tote’s MySpace page is filled with comments from supporters, some saying thank you, some apologizing, many expressing sadness and anger and hopes of the Tote re-opening, the Tote’s website has a final message from its ex-owner, Bruce Milne, and there’re a couple of Facebook groups set up to gain support to reopen/save the Tote, and their walls often have messages or comments in remembrance of the place, and not to mention user-uploaded photos and albums of the Tote when it was still open.

Well, the latest news is that the Tote has been bought over by new owners, and will be re-opening soon. However, the Tote’s case hasn’t been reviewed by the authorities, so it’s still under ‘high-risk’ conditions. It’s still good news for the Tote’s fans and supporters, but more music venues are still waiting for their cases to be reviewed, and so hopefully there’ll be more good news to come!!!!


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