Music is not violent!!!

Just today, the Age published an article titled “Live music ‘not tied to violence’“. From the article,

VICTORIA Police and Melbourne City councillors have backed the music industry’s view that live music does not lead to violence, despite liquor-licensing arrangements linking late-night venues with high-risk security conditions.

I’m glad there’s so much support for the Melbourne music industry, not only from music lovers and musicians but from the authorities as well. And I hope things start getting better soon, especially for the smaller venues.

So far, interviews are going well. I’ve got very good information from my main interviewee who is from SLAM / Music Victoria, and I am confident my other interviewees will give me good answers as well!!! I think I may be going overboard with getting interviews done… but I was being really skeptical at first and so I contacted more people than I needed because I anticipated half of them to say no. But it seems like I’ve been too pessimistic, as the people I’ve contacted seem to be very open and interested in helping out!!!! So well… after my interviews are all done, post-production is going to be a pain!!!! But as long as I have a structure mapped out, I will just follow that and go from there.


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