Now that I’m conducting interviews and putting things together, it finally feels like I’m ‘on the way’ to getting it done. Well.. I haven’t ‘formally’ started on post-production yet, but am in the process of getting more interviewees now and it feels great knowing that there are others out there who are willing to take the time to participate in this documentary with me :D

I think the hardest part is getting started with everything. Before this, I was toiling around wondering where to begin, how to begin, who to interview, what to ask, how to construct it, how to frame it, how to do it properly and well, and then stressing over asking people, and stressing over the lack of time, etc. etc. But as soon as I got my first interview, it was like a floodgate opened and all my energy went into contacting as many people as I could and planning as much as I could. I guess all we need, sometimes, is a push, the first step, the first success, and then from then on it’s as easy as pie. I realized recently that every time something good happens to me, even after a really bad day, it lifts me up and I become so energized and motivated that I become superwoman HAHA.

So if you’re having troubles with your documentary, or you don’t know where to start, just push yourself a bit more and get over the first hurdle. Sometimes, it’s all you need to get you started. And before you know it, once you start, you can’t stop! Productivity ensues!

So far, I have four more interviews to conduct in the next four days, and I’ve already gotten the permission by one photographer from the SLAM rally to use her pictures. I’m so grateful for all these helpful people!

Another difficult part of this process is waiting for people to reply to emails. I guess an easier way would be to call them up first, but having done journalism, I know from experience that it’s not always the best way to go. Some people are just really busy and won’t have the time of day to answer a phone call from someone they don’t know. Emails have proven to be much more effective, and most people reply the next working day. Plus, you get to compose your thoughts properly and save the conversations. More importantly, it gives the other person time to think about the issue at hand, and to respond when he/she is free. With a phone call, you could catch them at a difficult time and risk facing someone who’s really busy/tired/irritated. So far, I’ve only made one phone call to an interviewee and the person was busy at the time, so she asked me to email her instead, haha!

Anyway, it’s time to head off to bed. Good night, and good luck with your documentaries!


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