Looking at techno!

I was really excited to check out this ABC documentary called “Sounds Like Techno” because of my interest in music, and sure enough the documentary did not disappoint! I definitely had a lot to learn from it as well.

I first viewed it in HTML, which wasn’t as great as the Flash version (which was awesome and really engaging!). They transcribed the audio files (which play automatically in the Flash version) so there was a lot of text. But they interviewed a lot of people who were from the industry and were involved in the techno scene themselves, which made for a lot of diversity of viewpoints and a lot of good, reliable information. Plus, they included short biographies of the people they interviewed, and a lot of extra links for viewers to explore, so that was pretty informative.

It was definitely a participatory documentary… they interviewed subjects, and in a way retrieved, or reenacted history with the categories and timeline sort of documentary.

It didn’t seem like the documentary allowed me to make my own conclusions. It was informative to the extent that it was really thorough, covering a lot of aspects of techno music from its roots in Detroit to how it came to Australia, to the technology used to create it to its future. So there wasn’t a lot of space, or need, to make my own conclusions about anything. But I guess interviewing others about it made it subjective, but also realistic in a way, and hence I felt like in conclusion, I could trust what they were saying and just believe them. I guess in that sense, the documentary did feel a bit manipulative but in a ‘honest/reflective/insightful/trustworthy’ way instead of an ‘evil’ way… so I’d call it influential, but not manipulative… because the word ‘manipulative’ just makes it sound like they’re making me think evil things haha


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