Where do I begin?

For me, starting on something is always the most difficult part. I take so long deliberating on what to do, that I procrastinate when it comes to actually doing it. And I guess this is what I’m experiencing now with the documentary :( But I’ve already emailed SLAM a few days ago to ask them for an interview, and I’m hoping for a response soon. They don’t have any phone numbers on their website, so my only option now is to wait for them to reply me.

I’m anxious now on actually conducting the interviews on screen. What do I have to wear? Should it be formal, or a bit casual? Where do I interview them? How do I ask them questions? How should I put everything together? Who else must I contact next for interviews? Blablabla. Small details and big details…they’re all making me a bit worried.

So… here’s my own little checklist to get things done, asap, without procrastinating…

☐ list interviewees
☐ contact interviewees
☐ list of questions for each interviewee
☐ contact again / reply interviewees & set up date for interview
☐ equipment check, consent form check
☐ production,
☐ …..

yeah…….will try my best to follow that…and start asap….:\

Meanwhile I’ve been bogged down by assignments. I don’t know how some people can take up to 5 subjects this sem! The workload is actually insane. I have blogging assignments every week for another subject, not just this one, and I have a presentation in 2 weeks, and an essay due in the same week, and then major assignments to start researching on and doing by next month. Postgraduate is crazy! I guess this is really a challenge on my time management skills….

This weekend I’ll be checking out some of the documentaries suggested by Jenny… I’ve browsed through some of them and have already set my mind to doing ‘Sounds like Techno‘ (because I love music!) and The Art of DeTouch (which explores photomanipulation). It will be super interesting to look at both of them because I have a interest in both topics but, difficult to emulate, I think, in terms of making my own documentary especially since I have no background at all in interactive media production. Well, it will be insightful nonetheless.

Have a good long weekend, everyone.


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