A response to Shane’s review

Shane‘s review of the documentary had some good points. He pointed out that “even bullies themselves are insecure and the only way to make them feel superior or more dominant is by bullying”. I think this is one of the points that should have been included into the documentary. Not having done so only made the documentary one-sided, as myself and Mei have pointed out. I have some knowledge of psychology, and it is true what Shane said, that bullies bully others because of their own security. There is a ‘cycle’ of bullying that is common in many cases – a child is abused by his/her parent/guardian/relative, and to release any anger or hurt, the child bullies someone else, somehow projecting or transferring their pain and feelings onto someone else to alleviate themselves of their suffering. For them, it’s their own way of dealing with it. And if this is the case with bullies today, it would have been very effective if the documentary had looked into this, and highlighted this, as this would have been a bigger and more vital issue to look at. With that, it would be helpful if the directors made another documentary to look more into the reasons behind bullying, and perhaps cover up the whole bullying issue and make it more insightful and thorough.


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