A response to Mei’s review

In response to Mei‘s blog entry on her response to the cyberbullying documentary, I agree that the documentary was one-sided and that it portrayed the internet and social media in a negative light. The leading questions used by the interviewer on the victims to ‘prompt’ them for answers was a bit unfair, but I felt that if the interviewer had done it in another way, perhaps by asking interviewees to elaborate, rather than by giving them binary questions, it would have been better and more insightful.

I agree on what Mei said about doubts regarding the real dangers of cyber-bullying. The examples of cyberbullying threats shown on the documentary were quite mild, and the ways the victims dealt with them were too naive, to a point. But the real issue here is that the documentary didn’t do enough to highlight the actual seriousness of cyberbullying. It may be the documentary’s style, but I felt that for the purposes of the documentary – either to educate parents, or children, or the public in general – a narration would have been more effective. For example, not just interviewing victims, but also highlighting other possible consequences of cyberbullying, even if there was nobody from their source of interviewees who had experienced them before.


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